Artelios Hawklight


Artelios Hawklight is a Human Templar Cleric, usually sang in many songs throughout the land by bards, he is a great leader in battle and takes care of his allies before himself which some can say its his weakness.


Artelios Hawklight knows nothing about his birth, parents, or where he came from, an orphan that found himself at the doorstep of a temple which he grew up in. He was schooled in religious traditions from childhood and trained to become a Divine Leader using healing and shielding allies with prayers and drawing on divine powers.

Years passed and Artelios leaves the temple now a fully grown Human Templar Cleric with many questions about his birth and why he was alone he sets on a search for answers throughout the land. He usually finds himself in the middle of great battles since he never denies people requests of help while traveling so Artelios has lead from huge armies to small groups of soldiers to glory and fame but yet what he desires the most is still unknown to him, he never stops believing in one day he might meet up with his past.

Now that Artelios is one of the most famous Clerics in the land he receives an invitation to travel across the sea for a great matter so obviously Artelios accepted the invitation right away in hopes that will lead him to what he most desires.

Artelios Hawklight

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