Kerem Oris

A Deva avenger whose soul reason for existence is to seek out evil and bring all that is dark into the light.


Kerem’s pale skin carries a light purple hue, his body is covered in markings, glowing blue that trace his musculature. His face carries a mark of his Goddess Dol Arah. Shining white orbs netsle deep into his face often hidden under bushy white brows, when his cloak is not drawn his white shaved Mohawk which pulls back into a ponytail can be spied. Typically the avenger wears a dark cloak which conceals his nature save the tattoo over his face (not from fear or a desire to hide his origins but more to prevent slack jawed yokels from asking too many questions). Beneath the cloak his clothes fit well, allowing him a range of motion that plays into his style of fighting. His permanent scowl is the result of one too many small town bar fights which have even lead to his wearing a pair of old battered and clearly broken glasses with much of the glass smeared by soot to conceal his eyes.

His blade which is never far from him is a construct of dark metals, dark iron and ebony, crafted into a personification of the darkness which he fights against, Kerem finds humor in using an item so foul and dark to bring light into the world. Etched into the pommel of the blade is the symbol of his Goddess which he uses to channel his divine abilities, he also carries a pendant for the same purpose on the off chance of being separated from the weapon.


It all started with a spark, a person upon the material plane had taken their last breath and release a spirit, the binding energy of all life, it was a strong spirit and would be sought by many but Dol Arah, the shining Goddess of light and war, sought it most fervently. She sought to create a Deva, an angel or avatar of her shinning brilliance, one who could interact with the mortal realm and be as her hand among the living. And so Kerem was created from a strong soul under the hand of the brilliant Dol Arah, he was created as the embodiment of her divine desire to rid the world of darkness, those who would prey upon the weak and all those who would do evil. Kerem, born of a soul which had been possessed by many warriors and devout men and women over centuries, was a perfect recruit for such a lofty goal and title. In the early years of his creation Kerem wandered the mortal realm seeking challenge to test his might, finding himself superior to any who stood before him Kerem set out to protect the weak and serve the light.

It was in this quest that Kerem found that mortals did not share his lofty values, they were foul beings doing whatever they must to survive. While some took this mean working themselves ragged just to make ends meat, others sought to do very little work and simply take from those who had earned. Kerem was perplexed as well when he would challenge such villainous individuals that they did not seek to fight him in fair combat but would either run or send some ‘bodyguard’ or ‘henchman’ to fight in their stead. It was enough to make the Deva sick. He smote them all with holy impunity. How dare they stand in the sun of Dol Arah and so blatantly disregard even her basest commands.

Years would become decades and decades would even give way to centuries and through it all Kerem would wander, seeking darkness, where he could Kerem would offer aid to the meek or destitute which quickly earned him titles such as hero. The Deva had no use for it but would use his title and origin to spread the word of Dol Arah. He was not concerned for the people he helped, the money and trinkets they paid him with or even the fame he was gaining. Kerem helped because it was his missive and it led him to further darkness to snuff out in his light and the trails and challenges of combat.

Despite all of it Kerem still seeks out darkness dutifully, still hoping to find that one challenge, that one being who proves to be a worthy adversary. Kerem has dreamt of the day for so long, his time on the mortal plain has seen grown somewhat bitter more than a little disconnected, but he trudges on answering challenges and cries for help all in service still to his adoring Dol Arah.

Kerem Oris

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