Bylleriphon "Byllie" Swiftshadow


Height: 5’11"
Body size: average
Hair color: Black
Facial hair: Unknown
Clothing: A hooded cape, face mask, leather vest and gloves complete with leather pants and leather straps tied to leather soles for shoes.
skin color: greenish blue hew
race: Elvish
scars: a scar on the left side extending from his ear to about mid cheek.


Bylleriphon always watching from the shadows while the other kids played. He learned out to blend into the background with little effort. While in the shadows Bylleriphon learned to read body language and would use that to his advantage. Not coming from a wealthy background Byllie learned quickly that he could just take what he needed to survive without having to pay. After a while of stealing what he need turned out to be a bit dangerous, he turned to pick-pocketing to then buy the essentials. When he became of age he ventured out to villages and cities to perfect his abilities even further. During one encounter byllie was caught by a swashbuckler

Bylleriphon "Byllie" Swiftshadow

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